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Review of Holiday Camps, Sessions and Birthday Parties

Children Fitness Session Review

Jo’s Sessions provide a fun environment and helps encourage Lily to enjoy a healthy lifestyle whist learning new skills, building her confidence and making new friends.

Fun exercise for the kids on a regular basis, the kids have a great time making new friends, exercising whilst learning and keeping fit and helping to boost their confidence.

Children Fitness Session Review

I love the drills and the games, it makes me run faster… Lily

My son Jack has been attending Jo’s classes for 2 years. He really enjoys learning new skills, the games and getting exercise while having fun!.

Review from Bertrum Nursery Group

Holiday Camp

Thanks again Joanne for having Nyah and Ethan in holiday club they've had a great time. Feb Half Term 2017

My daughter absoloutley loves Jo and the evening classes/holiday camp she provides.

Uses creativity with sport and games to get the kids going, fun packed from start to finish.

Totally recommend !!!!! 

Debbie Beddows - Thanks again for today Jo my two said they had a great time at your sports camp see you soon x

Holiday Camp

All three of my children have loved coming to Jo's holiday sports club this week.. they have all been going to Jo's weekly sessions since being aged 4.. a great way to have fun and learn new skills from a young age.. highly recommend.. Thanks Jo.. Claire

Hannah Aldridge. My 2 boys (8 & 6) spent 2 days at Jo’s holiday camp this Easter and absolutely loved it . My oldest greeted me at the end of day 2 with “ when can we come again ?” And scored it 10/ 10 Would highly recommend .