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My name is Joanne Brown, I am a Children s physical activity coach for children age 0 to 15. I am also a qualified multi-skills, athletics,netball coach. Since 2012 I have been a member of the national coach development programme for youth development.

In 2012 I was made redundant from the NHS . While working in a local GP surgery I saw the consequences of not having an active life style. and decided that I would have a change in career and start work with children coaching them how to keep physically active in a fun environment while learning new skills . I started attending various courses to give me the opportunity to show children the fun they can have taking part in various activities.

I started out coaching as a volunteer in 2005 at a local athletic club I was the lead coach of the under 11 group at Bury AC from 2009 to 2017. During my time there I have coached children of all levels of fitness and skills. I encourage every child to get active and to do the best they can and never give up.

A number of the athletes that I have coached while being the lead coach at the athletic club have been selected to represent Greater Manchester and Bury Primary and Secondary Schools in Sports Hall, Cross Country and Track and Field. I continue to follow their progress, because I believe that it is about Long term athlete development and about the child working to improve and achieve the best they can.

I have also encouraged a number of children who have had difficulty with taking part in physical activity at school or out of school to become more confident and to change their mindset. A number of them have joined local sports clubs, become part of a team and have even become confident young leaders.

My coaching style is about the children having fun, in a disciplined and safe environment. The skills are developed while playing games.

I now have regular bookings in local schools and hold various sessions for children of all ages around the Bury and Rochdale area.