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Childrens Physical Activity WEEKLY Sessions or Holiday Camps

Physical Development

The sessions i provide are for anyone from Birth to 15 years of age. My sessions help the child with their physical development, this includes working on the fine motor skills to help such as picking up small objects and holding a spoon or pen — that use the small muscles of the fingers, toes, wrists, lips, and tongue. The sessions also work on the Gross motor skills that are the bigger movements — such as rolling over and sitting — that use the large muscles in the arms, legs, torso, and feet.


I also develop the childs Multi-skills this includes balance, agility, co-ordination, running, jumping, throwing and also catching. This is done in a fun way that the children enjoy, we play lots of games.

The Whole child

My coaching style is to coach the whole child, Develop social and lifestyle skills as well as physical and sport specific.I develop competence, confidence, connection, creativity, character and caring. A multi-skilled athlete should be a multiple-skilled person.

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